Private schools in kasoa

The Deputy Minister, who is in charge of the General Education, came up with the best possible methods to rank the best schools in Ghana. The main reason for the government to classify schools was to ensure that the headmasters in the particular schools work efficiently. This also would set a competitive environment in the entire education sector in the country.

Prempeh College won the national Science and Maths Quiz in and In the famous school became the first school in Africa to gain world Robotics competition commonly known as the Robosfest. Over the years Prempeh has appeared in news having won other robotics awards. In sport Prempeh has also curved its niche as one of the best schools in Ghana.

They are known for their continuous victory in ball games and athletics. He gave out the land where the schools stand as a donation.

private schools in kasoa

It was started in by the community ruled by the king. It has its praises across Africa being amongst the top ten in overall female production. It was ranked in Chronically, it was established in by the Roman Catholic Church to provide education to the Catholics in the locality.

Holy Child was created a few years after the establishment of Mfantsim School In It produced a team that won the brought not only the trophy home but also mapped the Eastern Region of Ghana as the first to take the NMSQ in the area. In sports, St Peters has produced many icons in the country particularly the priceless basketball players that are in the Kwahu zone.

The school has an excellent football pitch, tennis courts, hockey pitch, an athletics oval basketball and volleyball pitch. Many students have represented the region in Super Zonal Sports festivals. Among its pronounced alumni: Ken Attafuah the renowned head of National Identification Authority and a criminologist, Osseo KweiMensah Bens who has been a majority leader in the parliament of the new Patriotic party had the grace of studying at St.

Peters Boys High School. In the recent years, Accra Academy has over and over, taken its place in the top ten list in the academic performance. The head of state Gen Joseph Arthur Ankrah also went through the school. The list is long, with attorney generals, ministers of state, prominent people all from Accra Academy. This credits it amongst the best secondary schools in Ghana. Opoku Ware, also known as OWASSis known for its splendid performance in academia and other noncurricular activities.

Jacob Osei Yeboah who vied for the presidency in elections as an independent candidate and many more are all its alumni. It is the most prominent senior high school in the whole of Ghana. In the recent years, the school has produced many influential people in the society. Lieutenant, General Arnold Quainoo who served in the armed forces, Professor Kwesi Botchwey who served the most extended period as a minister for finance went through the school.

The highly structured institution is located in Cape Coast. Presently, the school has drawn the attention of the world due to being an academic giant. This school was founded by Methodist and is situated in Cape Coast Ghana. It is the one amongst the first schools to be established in Ghana. The school was founded on 3rd April with James picot as its first principal. In its name was changed to Mfsantspim School has produced icons, in the country and the entire globe.

Kofi Annan, former prime minister, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, former president of the Ecowas commission, the then vice-president Amissah Arthur, Nobel prize winner, also a former Secretary-General, United nations Kofi Abrefa to mention but a few are all Alumni of this prestigious institution.

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They rarely lost a competition. Two students from the school represented Ghana in the international Junior Science Olympia and brought home a bronze medal in the year The school has stood out as an unvarying competitor in academics, sports, and the creative world. This ranks it among the best schools in Ghana.Following is a list of schools in the African country of Ghana.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. See also: List of senior secondary schools in Ghana. School K. Paul's Secondary St. Agather's Girls Catholic School St. Anne's Girls Vocational Institute St. Anthony's Schools St. Aquinas Secondary St. Augustines College St. Augustine's Secondary School St. Bernadette Soubirous St. Charles Secondary St.

private schools in kasoa

Charles Secondary Tamale, in Tamale St. Dominics Secondary Technical St. Francis Secondary Technical St. Hubert Seminary St. James Seminary and Secondary St. James Business College St. Jerome Secondary School St. John's Preparatory School St.From a well equiped computer lab, well stocked library, to a untra medern science lab, well have it all. We develop the talent and social skills of our students through creative and non-academic programs. We set high academic standards to facilitate our students to meet and exceed their potentials.

Report cards and testimonial from previous school Cumulative record b. Photocopy of birth certificate or weighing card.

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We continue to produce students: 1. Love this school, a school with a touch of qualities and integrity Mama Jane Int. School is a unique name in Kasoa.

Visit there yourself and see. THIS school is very good for your children, pls send your words to mama Jane.

private schools in kasoa

I know the school and I believe they are on the right path to success as far as Ghana education is concerned. Welcome to. Mama Jane International. Centre for Christian principles and child development. Teaching Aproach. We take our pupils beyond the classroom. Best Learning. We believe that there is nothing more important than skillful education in a healthy environment. Ultra Modern Facilities From a well equiped computer lab, well stocked library, to a untra medern science lab, well have it all.

We instill Christian Principles We train the child in a godly and christian way to love and win in every situation. Advanced In Technology We are ever abreast with the trends in today's technology and it's impact on education. Talent Development We develop the talent and social skills of our students through creative and non-academic programs. Why choose us.

Admission in Progress. Admission Procedure.

International Schools in Ghana

The admission process is very easy and fast. Submit filled admission forms Applicant should summit filled forms with all relevant information provided. Add the following to your submitted forms a.

private schools in kasoa

Make Payment Make full payment of admission and tuition fee. John Adams Ankamah Executive Director. Mrs Janet Oforiwaa Ankamah Proprietress.Looking for International Schools in Ghana? Find the list of Top International Schools in Ghana on our business directory. International Schools near me.

Cantonments, P. Ghana International School GIS is a private, not-for-profit co-educational international day school with a long track record in delivering academic excellence. Established inthe school is a a Sopodiva Training Centre is specialized in offering language services. As a languages school, we offer languages training. As languages professionals, we offer translation of documents, interpretation Here, we train thinkers and World Changers for the future.

The project is been C Liz international Montessori P. Liz international Montessori is an international school designed to meet the needs of both Ghanaians and expatriates.

The school uses both the Montessori yrs and the Cambridge curriculum yrs LAS Liberty School is a non-denominational Christian day and boarding school offering American curriculum and world-class methodology. We cater to a variety of cultures from ages 3 months through to Safari International Preschool vision is to create early childhood learning experiences that prepare children for success in school and build a solid foundation and passion for lifelong learning.

Sterling Heights Academy P. BOXMampong. We create a conducive learning environment for children to fully develop their potential. Our teaching approach fo American International School No. A member of Network of International Christian Schools.In the Ghana Education Service mandated fee-free provision of basic education in government schools regardless of socioeconomic status or location, through a system of capitation grants to the schools.

Enrollment surged but the country still faces challenges of retention and completion. While government remains the main provider of education in Ghana, private schools are on the rise, for the poor as well as for the elite. But how affordable are these increasingly numerous private schools, and how are costs in both private and public institutions affecting household decisions about education?

To shed light these questions, Results for Development Institute, with support from the UBS Optimus Foundation, oversaw and analyzed a survey of household decision-making and expenditure on education in Kasoa, a peri-urban community just outside Accra. Families perceive the quality of public schools to be lower than private institutions, and since extra fees exist for public and private schools alike, a significant majority are choosing a private education for their child. This reality points to the need for policy response: both public and private schools will have to make significant changes to increase access to quality education in developing countries.

The research consisted of two complementary and comprehensive surveys: a 1, household-level survey completed first and then a school-level survey of 30 government and private institutions, based primarily on the household-reported attendance.

Study design and data collection were conducted in with the Ghana Center for Democratic Dialogue. Key findings include:. Recommendations Families perceive the quality of public schools to be lower than private institutions, and since extra fees exist for public and private schools alike, a significant majority are choosing a private education for their child. To this end, R4D recommends: More effective monitoring and regulation of private schools, especially of learning outcomes Increased transparency about costs including hidden fees at both government and private schools Increased access to reliable information about both quality and cost in order to help parents make informed school enrollment decisions.

Exploration of public-private partnerships in schools given the lower per-student costs in private schools. More research should be done to determine whether the findings in Kasoa are representative for Ghana and should inform national policy. Key Findings The research consisted of two complementary and comprehensive surveys: a 1, household-level survey completed first and then a school-level survey of 30 government and private institutions, based primarily on the household-reported attendance.

Key findings include: School attendance in Kasoa is very high and mainly in private schools. Parents in Kasoa value equally the education of girls and of boys. Food charges were more common and higher at private schools; extra class charges higher at government schools. Neither government nor private schools disclosed all their household charges in the school survey when its results are compared to information from the household survey but private schools did disclose a higher proportion of these charges.

While this study has not explicitly calculated the total costs household and public spending combined per student per year, it must be the case that the private schools cost less per student overall, once large government spending through a capitation grant scheme is also factored in.

Parents have very little information on which to base school choice, as little is available on either school outcomes or teacher quality; in general, however, parents assume that private schools are better than government ones.Our primary School is committed to ensuring the best outcomes for all of our children; unlocking potential, removing barriers and inspiring lifelong learning. We give our students an awareness of personal responsibility and accountability while providing for their optimum intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth.

The Physical Education PE is for all pupil. At Penuel we want children to be inspired by the creative subjects. Through Music, Drama and Art children will respond to the works of others and be inspired to create their own. Penuel International School vision of technology is to support our culture of innovation, creativity and collaboration by providing access to technology that empowers students to be self directed, responsible and adaptable learners in our global and interconnected world — anytime and anywhere.

School Fees Transport Services. Our Portfolio. Inspirational Day. Morning Assembly.

List of schools in Ghana

Learn to Draw and Colour. Learn the Alphabets. You are welcome. Dare to be different. Read More.

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Check us out. The School For Your Child. Happy environment. We provide a happy, stimulating and challenging environment where every individual is welcomed. Read more. Safety and security. Parents feel secure knowing that all the area.

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Well trained staff. We go to great lengths to hire teachers that meet and exceed all requirements. Literacy and numeracy.

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We place a strong emphasis on the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills and aim for every. Our enrichment programs.We believe this site will provide you with answers to some of the pertinent questions you might be asking when it comes to looking for a school which provides quality education for its learners.

Schools in Ghana: Best in 2020

At PIS, we train students to be independent learners, we make them understand that, even though there are highly skilled and motivated workforce who are ready to help them progress and excel both academically and socially, they Learners also have roles to play to make their progress complete. Our school provides a positive and supportive atmosphere for all our students to help them find their bearing in life, we recognize the fact that we provide basic education which means that most children define their educational future with us.

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Permit me to explain this further: we take care of children from about a year old right up to adults of So many batches of graduates have passed through the walls of Peculiar International School with excellent performances and we trust that more and more students will continue to make us proud.

Our facilities and resources are the best to ensure the most excellent environment for our pupils. Students engage in various extracurricular activities which ensure that students are well developed not only mentally but also physically.

Colour week December 10, Graduation A visit to Kantanka Suaye. PIS Cadet in Action. July 31, It started very humbly and now running both Ghanaian and British Curricula. Our students are our pride. Much attention is given to pupils to ensure their excellent performances.

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